The Honourable Member? – Media Release 06/08/2014

“A web of intrigue,” we dubbed the Newcastle Cabal, but we never expected to discover just what a nest of vipers the Independent Commission Against Corruption found when they lifted the edge of the carpet.

Now the MP’s for Newcastle and Charlestown intend to continue to be paid by the public, despite being exposed by the ICAC today. “But we’ll sit on the cross benches,” they’ve said, as though that will make it all right.

We have a message for Tim Owen:
Get away with you! Get out now. You were elected on false pretences, claiming to have honesty and integrity, which you do not have. The ICAC revelations have cast doubt on the veracity of the election.

You claimed to have a mandate to close The Newcastle Rail Line. This was one of the whoppers. This intended vandalism had nothing to do with the wishes of the people and had everything to do with the requirements of the developers, now revealed to have put you there with dirty money and power bought with it. The people have repeatedly shown a preference for the existing rail services to be retained through numerous polls — usually coming in above 70% and the submissions to the Government on the Newcastle Urban Renewal strategy also had a similar percentage wanting the Newcastle Rail Line left in place. The meeting in Newcastle Town Hall which you attended, during which an overwhelming opinion emerged, that the rail line should stay, was incorrectly reported and remains an inaccurate record.

You have given advice to the Ministers for Transport and Planning which has been in the nature of misinformation, telling them that “Everyone wants the rail line to go.” This has been untrue as indicated by the 11 ½ thousand signatures presented to Parliament by Save Our Rail.

Even then you had the nerve to get up in the Parliament of NSW and make untrue statements. The untruths you told are on the Hansard record and there have been two formal complaints about them. Because of your ability to look the Premier in the eye and pretend to be honest you have not been disciplined for misleading Parliament.

Save Our Rail says Tim Owen should resign now. It is the honourable thing to do.

He has not been an innocent victim as he implied. He was the main driver behind the campaign to close the rail line and disadvantage thousands of passengers, to ruin the transport system permanently and reduce the prospects for Newcastle, the city he claims to represent.

That’s why we are saying. Newcastle deserves better! Tim Owen should resign immediately.

Joan Dawson
President Save Our Rail NSW Inc
Mobile 0408 618 198