Who knew they would close Railway Street crossing? – Media release 27/07/2014

This is just one of the details of the secret planning of the truncation of Newcastle Rail Line.

It has finally been drip-fed to the public and revealed as part of the Wickham Interchange project.

This Government has decided what it wants to do, pretends there has been some form of community input, when in fact there has only been advice from developer-influenced agents such as HDC then in small releases tells the people what they are getting.

“It is back to front planning by the NSW Government, with the public being “consulted” after decisions are made. In fact they are being insulted as well,” says Save Our Rail President, Joan Dawson, “because they are being treated as though they don’t understand what is going on. I believe the whole crazy idea is to deliver the rail line land to the developer mates, as revealed by planning Minister Goward in her admission that there will be development on the closed rail corridor.

The local residents around Railway Street will lose the easy pedestrian access across the rail line and for what? To provide “connectivity” the politicians will say! Hang on – that’s just what they are losing!!

Already a stairway crossing was taken away from that area, so this will be a double blow to the west end precinct. The Lass O’Gowrie hotel, a popular music venue will lose out as many stroll over from the Hamilton and West End of hunter Street. “I love the friendly atmosphere and the local music at the Lass, which I can walk to from my home in Hunter Street,” says Jeane Gravolin.

This closure has major implications because traffic will be re-routed to the Stewart Avenue crossing, which is already a very busy intersection. It is difficult to imagine the horror stretch this will become when they have an interchange there with buses converging, pedestrians trying to go from train to tram and all the traffic from Railway Street as well as more frequency with the magical trams running every 10 minutes. What sort of mad planning is this?

It is a Clayton’s plan – a plan when you don’t have one.

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President Save Our Rail NSW Inc
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