Our December 2008 Proposal for CBD Integration

NEWCASTLE – Towards a Sustainable and Vibrant City A Proposal for CBD Integration – December 2008

In its vision for a thriving and sustainable Newcastle, Save Our Rail NSW Inc identifies problems of connectivity and addresses community needs in this proposal. The resulting solutions aim to retain sustainable transport while overcoming the need to connect new commercial and residential developments with established business areas of Newcastle.
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Proposal Summary

Save Our Rail proposes pedestrian level crossings at intervals between Wickham and Civic Stations, the most important being at Steel Street and Worth Place, but also suggested for Cottage Creek. Further pedestrian level crossings at key locations between Civic and Newcastle Stations, especially at Perkins and Market Streets, would enhance retail success in Hunter Street.

The proposal involves a grade separation of rail and road at Stewart Avenue.

The re-development of Civic Station to create an open landscaped concourse would unify the cultural centre from the Region Art Gallery to the foreshore.

Improved access to Newcastle Station could be gained by re-opening doorways leading to Bolton Street and a ramp to Newcomen Street. The heritage Newcastle Station has potential as a vibrant activity centre with refurbishment of currently unused areas.

Rail line beautification with landscaping of the remaining visible CBD sections of the rail corridor is suggested. The harbour view from the train as it arrives at Newcastle Station is often the subject of favourable comment by visitors to this city.

A new “Harbourlink” Station near the Mall would further commercial prospects in that precinct.

Signalling rationalisation, with all Newcastle line controls located at Broadmeadow would result in substantial ongoing annual cost savings.

Newcastle as the Regional Centre needs sustainable transport connection to new land releases.

Stewart Avenue rail viaduct

proposed Wickham viaduct

Worth Place pedestrian crossing

proposed Worth Place crossing

Elevated railway station in Vancouver

rail viaduct in Vancouver

Civic Station open landscaped concourse

Civic Station open landscaped concourse

Newcastle Station and CBD proximity map

improved access to Newcastle Station

Historic Newcastle Station building

Newcastle Station

Rail line beautification

landscaped rail corridor

Harbourlink station map

proposed new Harbourlink Station