Huge support for petition to save rail line

Here is brief summary of recent media coverage of Save Our Rail’s 11,000 signature petition presentation to NSW parliament.

Huge support for petition to save rail line [Maitland Mercury, Wed 13/11/2013]

Eleven thousand signatures opposing the truncation of the Maitland-Newcastle rail line will be presented to NSW Parliament today as the government’s intentions for rail transport into Newcastle CBD is brought into question.

The government has appointed the same consultant who worked on the 2010 AECOM reports, which detailed the future of the rail line, despite Coalition MP Craig Baumann rubbishing them in Parliament in February.

Ms Dawson said the petition of 11,000 signatures showed the region was against the rail line truncation.

The petition calls for the heavy rail line to stay and improvements to services and the visual appeal of the rail corridor to be made.

“We are asking the government to reach its goals that it outlined in the 2021 plan in terms of public transport,” Ms Dawson said.

“The people who have signed the petition have provided their name and address and have committed themselves to the belief that the heavy rail line should stay.

“These people outnumber the groups that want the rail line gone including the Property Council, Hunter Development Corporation and the Hunter Business Chamber.

“The government cannot ignore these signatures.”

Read the full article online at the Maitland Mercury.

Save Our Rail petition to NSW parliament [Newcastle Herald, Tue 12/11/2013]

A CONVOY of Hunter residents opposed to the removal of the Newcastle rail line will head to Sydney on Wednesday in a bid to convince the state government to change its tune on the city’s transport future.

The group’s president, Joan Dawson, said the petition called on the government to retain and improve the rail line.

‘‘The first important message we’re sending is obviously how large our supporter base is, and how much larger it is than any of the anti-rail groups combined,’’ she said.

‘‘They [the government] have not included us as the major community organisation concerned with transport and have not afforded us the courtesy of even being considered stakeholders.’’

Read the full article online at the Newcastle Herald.

Petition to fight to Newcastle’s heavy rail line [NBN News, Wed 13/11/2013]

The fight to keep Newcastle’s heavy rail line made tracks today, with more than 10,000 people penning their opposition to ripping the line up.

Save our Rail presented a petition to the State Government and made sure their issues are at the top of the agenda.

See the video report online at NBN News.