Let trains lead us into the future – Media Release 05/05/2013

The Government’s plans for Newcastle are now imploding according to Save Our Rail.

No longer can the long stream of misinformation and porkies keep pace with the reality that the intercity rail line to Newcastle Station is absolutely necessary for the continued improvement, growth and infill of Newcastle City Centre.

There has been no community consultation, there are no plans, no costings and if that is not enough there is no money for any improvement in Newcastle.

SOR President Joan Dawson says that members of the group believe that the wheels are falling off the pie in the sky projects and concepts.

The Hunter Business Chamber floated a proposal to truncate the line at Wickham that at best could be described as a fizzer. It raised more questions than it answered and simply isn’t good enough for Newcastle. It is second rate and unworkable.

The University has pulled out of the Post Office proposal and significantly scaled down its City Campus project just as the NSW Government did with the “Court House precinct”.

The Government owned Empire site is a no goer and is now for sale. The light rail folly as a replacement of the existing services is stone motherless dead and the community has rejected buses.

This week the Catholic Church showed its hand much to the dismay of the community.

Now this weekend we get the “we can’t do it message” from the GPT/ Landcom group. They too had been conned by the smoke, mirrors and spin from the same vested interest groups misleading the Government.

SOR President Joan Dawson said “Porkies don’t build cities, people do”.

Newcastle City Council a key player in the propaganda distribution is in more trouble than a drunk lying on a bull-ant’s nest as its proposals for revitalisation crash.

Robyn Parker, George Souris, Gladys Berejiklian, Barry O’Farrell and other Ministers who have all supported Save Our Rail’s efforts to retain and improve the rail line into Newcastle need to wipe the developer tears from their eyes and get on with the job of equipping the Newcastle rail line from Newcastle Station to Central with a fast, efficient, high quality uninterrupted train service just like they have in nearly every other world class modern city. This is reality, it’s what is needed and it is possible on the existing corridor.

Clearly the future of Newcastle will be a people led expansion and not a developer / investor led activity. Trains can deliver the critical mass of people this great city needs – for tourism and for investor certainty.

Rail will be vital for Newcastle’s prospects as according to Tim Fischer, “Trains are the way of the future.” Don’t stifle that future for Newcastle.  Getting the job done, someone said. We say “Get the job done indeed. Improve not remove.”

For further information or comment please contact:-

Joan Dawson
President Save Our Rail NSW Inc
Mobile 0408 618 198