URGENT: Petition for NSW Parliament — help us reach 10,000 pen and paper signatures!

*** UPDATE DECEMBER 2013: Thanks! Our hard-copy petition to NSW Parliament reached over 11,000 signatures. ***

We’re making the push to reach 10,000 hard-copy signatures on our petition to NSW parliament. We have thousands of signatures already but we need your help to gather more.

By reaching 10,000 signatures we will force the House to debate the concerns raised by the petition. Save Our Rail sees this petition, and your signature on it, as an essential and very powerful tool.

Help us by printing this petition form on A4 paper and collecting as many signatures as you can.

SOR – NSW Govt petition only (0.1 MB)
PDF, suitable for printing

Instructions: Be sure that petitioners write their first and last names and their street addresses clearly, followed by a signature. The rules for this kind of petition are strict and any incorrect rows can’t be counted.

Whether you have 1 signature or 100, please return completed forms to the following drop-off points:

  • Newcastle Skate Shop – 1/11 Watt St, Newcastle
  • (we’ll add more drop off points as they are confirmed)

Or by post to:

  • Save Our Rail NSW Inc, PO BOX 212, ISLINGTON NSW 2296