Public Meeting – Dec 2008

Saturday 13th December 2008 – 12 noon
Newcastle Leagues Club

National Park Street (opposite Spotlight)
Guest Speaker: Dr. Garry Glazebrook, UTS
Researcher in Sustainable Transport and Urban Development

End the line at Wickham?

  • Change of mode = longer trip
  • Result: many will opt for car use
  • More cars on road = traffic jams
  • More cars on road = not enough parking
  • Buses won’t cope with peak train loads
  • Current bus users will lose their seats
  • Buses will be stuck in the traffic jams too
  • Surfboards, bikes, prams, luggage won’t fit
Save Our Rail proposes:

  • Pedestrian level crossings to connect the city to the harbour – safe and convenient
  • Rail viaduct at Stewart Avenue – no queues
  • Redevelop Civic Station – unify Cultural Precinct with pedestrian concourse
  • Improve access at Newcastle Station – open to Bolton St, Newcomen St, and Wharf Rd
  • Rail line beautification
  • New “Harbourlink”station near Crown St