Maitland Council supports rail to Newcastle – Media Release 30/01/2013

Save Our Rail congratulates Maitland City Council, which has moved to support the retention of rail services direct to Newcastle Station. This reaffirms the previous Council’s support for rail connections between the two cities.

Joan Dawson, SOR President said “It is important for the communities currently enjoying the benefits of direct rail transport to Newcastle to realise that their business prospects will suffer if the decision to close rail services at Wickham is put into effect. This also needs to be seriously considered by Newcastle City Council because rail brings customers and increases land value”.

Save Our Rail urges other Hunter Region councils to consider the rail truncation decision and take a stand to support their community’s needs of direct transport to the major city and to the beaches.

Joan Dawson, President, Save Our Rail NSW Inc.
PO Box 212 Islington 2296
Phone: 0408 618 198