Superior Bus Demonstration

(click image to enlarge)NEWCASTLE STATION – When former Minister for Transport Costa announced the closure of Broadmadow to Newcastle rail line, he also mentioned that no new buses or special roads were needed as there was sufficient capacity in the existing Newcastle buses. A year before he announced that superior buses would provide a better transport system on a dedicated bus corridor. People of the Hunter were asked to assemble at Newcastle station at 2.30 PM to see if it is indeed practical for them to change over to a bus from a train at Newcastle Station.

  1. More than 200 people assembled in Endeavor Park at 2.30 PM and were advised of the purpose of the demonstration.
  2. At 3.00 PM most of the would be commuters moved to the bus stop over the road from Newcastle Station in Scott Street.
  3. A number of people remained behind because they explained they were incapable of riding on a bus or marching, usually as a result of a disability.
  4. The first bus took about 30 people without difficulty except that by the time they were loaded there were about five other buses jammed in behind it.
  5. After about four buses had passed a bus capable of taking wheel chairs arrived, and the driver loaded one wheel chair. He refused to take any more wheel chairs.
  6. All buses approached refused to take on board push bikes.
  7. A lady with a walker was loaded onto a bus with some difficulty. By this time buses were banked up the street as far as we could see.
  8. By 3.30 PM there were still about a hundred people awaiting entry on the bus, and it was decided to abandon the bus and walk down the mall onto Civic station and catch a good old train.