Former Newcastle lord mayor Jeff McCloy slams the light rail route he helped create

In June 2013, Cr McCloy – as he was then – wanted light rail running down Hunter Street, reports the Newcastle Herald.

Now there was money to pay for it, the lord mayor was adamant that light rail “must” run down Hunter Street.

Now however, Mr McCloy has a dramatically different view, saying the government’s plan is “a recipe for disaster”.

Mr McCloy denies he is being hypocritical in speaking out now, saying he had played no part in the project since resigning as lord mayor in August 2014.

“Every commercial fibre in my body tells me this is the wrong thing to do. In my opinion, this will devalue the worth of property in Newcastle. For money spent it’s an incredibly poor decision. We haven’t got enough people living in and around town, unlike other cities where light rail works. Without the population, no matter how much is spent, it will never work.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think they’d remove all the car parking, then raise the line up by 100mm and all that other stuff that’s there when you go into the detail.”

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