Hunter Street business say light rail parking loss will kill their businesses

HUNTER Street retailers were considering a class action against the state government if the proposed Hunter Street light rail damaged their businesses, government representatives were told at a meeting in Newcastle on Monday, as reported in the Newcastle Herald.

More than 30 business owners or their representatives crowded into a room at Passmores’ Business and Management College in Hunter Street to put their concerns to Transport for NSW Newcastle co-ordinator general Anna Zycki and UrbanGrowth project director Michael Cassel.

Ms Zycki said Newcastle City Council and others including the business community had asked for more time to respond to the Review of Environmental Factors on display for the light rail, and the time for comment had been extended by eight days to Friday, May 27.

She said 60 submissions had been lodged and about 120 comments left online.

East End trader Helen Humphries said she lost customers when the heavy rail shut and she feared the loss of parking with light rail would do more damage.

Asked if the light rail could be shifted entirely on to the heavy rail corridor, Ms Zycki said only the politicians could make that decision.

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