Alliance rallies to protect Newcastle rail corridor from developers

An alliance of community groups, residents and students opposed to the privatisation and sale of Newcastle’s rail corridor will hold a rally at Civic Station this Sunday from 11am.

The Maitland Mercury reports that the University of Newcastle Student Union Association will participate in the rally which will take a broader stance than Save Our Rail’s insistence that inner city heavy rail remains all the way into Newcastle.

The alliance does not neces­sarily oppose the replacement of heavy rail with light rail, but is against any plans that would see the corridor fall into private hands.

Despite the factional differences, the protest incorporates and has the support of Save Our Rail.

Union president Clare Swan said the removal of the rail corridor would inhibit the revitalisation of the inner city with a UoN campus.

“Students need public transport, and they need it to be accessible and efficient,” Ms Swan said.

“We’re certainly not getting that with the closure of the rail line to Civic, right opposite the brand new NewSpace building.”

The lower house passed changes to the Transport Administration Act the government put forward in Parliament last month, but they still need the approval of the upper house.

Supporters of the government’s plan to replace heavy rail with light rail into Newcastle say the change will be key to the city’s revitalisation.

However the plan has drawn strong criticism from many commuters in the Hunter, including Maitland, who believe it will make public transport more difficult to use.

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