Save Our Rail seeks support to block changes to Transport Administration Act

Objectors to the state ­government’s plan to cut Newcastle’s heavy rail line say they want to explain to two MPs, who will be crucial in a vote on the rail’s future next week, how the truncation will affect commuters in Maitland, reports the Maitland Mercury.

Labor, the Greens and the Christian Democratic Party have all expressed opposition to the rail cut.

It is likely that two upper house MPs from the Fishers and Shooters Party, Robert Brown and Robert Borsak, will hold the key votes that the government needs to change the law and allow the rail cut to go ahead.

Save Our Rail vice president Kim Cross said much of the debate had centred on the impact that the truncation would have on Newcastle CBD.

But she said Save Our Rail wanted the chance to meet with Mr Brown and Mr Borsak to explain the impact the rail cut would have on Hunter residents outside Newcastle, in places such as Maitland.

The group has planned a rally­ ­outside state parliament house in Sydney on Tuesday morning, the day that the vote is expected to be taken.

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