Paul Broad quits Hunter Development Corporation

PAUL Broad has resigned as chairman of the Hunter Development Corporation after more than seven years, citing a ‘‘massive shift in power from Newcastle to Macquarie Street’’ and shortcomings with aspects of the government’s city revitalisation plans, as reported in the Newcastle Herald.

‘‘We are able to run our own race up here but given the way we self-destruct when anyone says anything new, Sydney thinks we can’t be left alone,’’ he said.Mr Broad resigned, effective immediately, on Friday afternoon.

But he has concerns about the government’s underwhelming vision for the Wickham transport interchange.

‘‘What we need to think about is a much bigger interchange, with cars, buses, taxis, light rail if that’s what you want – look at the air space above it, make the most of that,’’ he said. ‘‘Do it right and buy The Store … look at office space with it, and get the private sector in.’’

Unconvinced about light rail, he said the government would be better to focus on getting the interchange right and then determine the best transport system once the new law courts building in the Civic precinct opened and the University’s city campus and other developments take shape.

‘‘[The government] should tell UrbanGrowth to get out of the corridor,’’ Mr Broad said.

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