Business owners query light rail route

HUNTER Street business owners have banded together to protest against the proposed light rail route they say would leave the already struggling precinct in ‘‘‘dire straits’’, reports the Newcastle Herald.

Passmores College chief executive Duncan Macfarlane said pedestrian traffic had drastically dropped since the truncation of the heavy rail at Hamilton.

Mr Macfarlane said the construction of light rail along Hunter Street would compound the problem and urgent intervention was needed to reverse the situation.

‘‘Their biggest gripe is that there’s no parking on Hunter Street,’’ Ms Monie said.

‘‘To me it doesn’t make sense to affect our business on Hunter Street… why can’t they use the corridor that is already there.’’

The government’s own plan found that Hunter Street was not the best route for the light rail because it limited city renewal projects such as outdoor parking, footpath, green space, bike lanes and parking, Mr Crakanthorp said.

Frontline Hobbies owner Colin Scott said he was ‘‘deeply concerned’’ Hunter Street retailers had not been consulted on plans to run light rail through the shopping strip.

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