This is a hold-up! / Here are the facts

Timely facts about the Newcastle rail line the from Hunter Concerned Citizens   (Note: a text version appears below the flyer images).



Text version:

The Baird state government is now forcing you to change between trains and buses, so they can carry out their $460million plan to cut the Newcastle rail line and hand the corridor over to developers.

They’ve been asked to STOP by a NSW parliamentary inquiry, by the Lord Mayor and by the elected Council of the City of Newcastle, by the Hunter Community and by the State Member for Newcastle … but THEY’RE STILL NOT LISTENING! It’s not too late to bring them to their senses!

Contact: Premier Baird on 9976 2773 or and tell him you don’t support what his government is doing with this rail line. Have you had a bad experience getting to and from your destination

If you’d like to join the campaign for the rail line, email us at:


  • Save Our Rail NSW Inc. has won a Supreme Court Order which stops the removal of rail tracks and other infrastructure. The Order will not prevent the stoppage of services on the line.
  • There is no need to deny all of us access across the track. Safe crossings at Worth Place and Steel Street – like the one close by Civic Station – are all that is needed to give us good access to the harbour.
  • Without the main line rail providing seamless connection to the region and suburbs of Newcastle, the CBD and the beaches and Nobby’s are the poorer. Why destroy a good thing when you can improve the rail at a fraction of the cost.
  • Access for the aged and disabled on the current makeshift system of shuttle buses is totally inadequate. Wickham, Civic and Newcastle Stations provided legal and safe access to all, at places where it was needed. And luggage is very difficult to manage on the shuttle buses!
  • Bikes are denied access on the shuttle buses. Why? Assuming an bike riders are totally racing level fit is a serious, and insulting mistake.
  • What’s the rush? Why all this furious activity on the rail right now? If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well! Sensible planning would have had the promised light rail in place before destroying the existing.
  • What’s wrong with the corridor? The Baird government is proposing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to remove our rail line while the use of the rail services has been increasing, and while other cities around the world are paying huge amounts to put their lost rail services back again. The Baird government is imposing an outdated and second rate transport system on Newcastle to benefit a small group of vested interests who have been lobbying for this, for many years.
  • What’s right with the corridor? Seems like it will make good real estate for someone. It’s the only part of the city not undermined by old coal mines. Is this the real reason the government wants to close the line? Without proper planning and without an adequate alternative in place?

What’s going on Mr Baird? Ms Berejiklian, Ms Goward? Who benefits? Who pays?