Libs deserve to be ousted at the ballot box if they cut the rail line: leading Maitland resident

Well-respected Maitland community member Chris Welbourne has called on voters to punish the state government at the March polls if it cuts the rail line on Boxing Day, reports the Maitland Mercury.

Mr Welbourne, who was the district schools inspector for 12 years and principal of Maitland Grossmann High School, said Maitland MP Robyn Parker had failed the city in negotiations to save the rail despite her best intentions.

“I think Maitland people should show their disapproval,” he said.

“[Maitland] can’t vote them out statewide, but they can show their disapproval in Maitland.”

Ms Parker and the Liberal Party candidate for Maitland Steve Thomson have gone to ground on the issue, refusing to comment publicly on the Wickham truncation.

Mr Welbourne, who is a fan of the half-hour express train between Victoria Street and Newcastle Station, is incensed with the government.

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