EDITORIAL: Inquiry’s points on rail

It might benefit the government to meet the requests of the Nile committee, according to this Newcastle Herald editorial piece.

After an ICAC-dominated year from hell, Mr Baird should accept that any days of railroading the public – excuse the pun – are surely over.  The government must not only run the state with integrity, it must be seen to do so.

Instead,  it has adopted a crash-or-crash-through approach on the rail line. In response, its critics are exploring the potential for an 11th-hour court injunction, which could in turn result in a legal examination of the disputed need for an act of parliament to close the line.

At the same time, Mr Baird might also remember that the Legislative Council, as a house of review, has a legitimate role in examining and hopefully improving the decisions of the lower house.

Because if there is one thing that the two sides of the rail debate agree on, it’s that nothing less than the future of the Newcastle central business district is at stake.

Read the full editorial piece at the Newcastle Herald.