Labor bloc in 11th-hour plea to save rail line

NEWCASTLE’S Labor councillors are leading a renewed push to have the council formally oppose state government moves to truncate the city’s rail line on Boxing Day, reports the Newcastle Herald.

The eleventh-hour move in part relies on a separate move from Greens councillors Therese Doyle and Michael Osborne, who will first seek to rescind the three council decisions made in February and March this year in which a majority of councillors backed the city’s urban renewal plan and light rail project.Since then, the power shift created by the resignation of lord mayor Jeff McCloy has given the council’s Labor-Greens alliance the balance of power.

In their call for the rail line’s retention, the Labor councillors argue that public transport targets would not be met unless the heavy rail was retained. The university campus, the law courts and the Urbangrowth-GPT project means ‘‘we need additional public transport capacity, not less’’.

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