Push to sink the rail line

At a time when the Premier Mike Baird has stopped short of ruling out delaying Newcastle’s rail line truncation, debate is continuing around sinking the line, reports ABC News Newcastle.

Mr Baird has told a parliamentary planning inquiry delaying the rail decision would cost $220,000 a week.

The inquiry has also been told that sinking the line would cost around $200 million, a third of the figure stated in 2009.

Tunnel advocate Francis Young said it is outrageous that sinking the line has been ruled out on drainage concerns.

“It just beggars belief that a transport solution that isn’t a solution is going to have all this money spent on it when you could spend less and build a tunnel.”

“The second thing that they need to do is to seek bids from actual tunnel constructing companies as to what they say it would cost to building a tunnel as opposed to asking developers what they think it would cost building a tunnel.”

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