Millions spent on transport reports government wont release

THE state government has spent more than $4 million on reports and advice for its Newcastle transport plans but is yet to release the documents underpinning its decisions or give an estimated cost, a month before it starts removing the heavy rail, reports the Newcastle Herald.

But none of the documents have been released by the government, and only a traffic impact assessment, some modelling and a study into a pedestrian footbridge at Railway Street, Wickham, were tabled to state Parliament in line with an order of the upper house.The rest of the documents were claimed as ‘‘cabinet in confidence’’, prompting criticism from Greens MLC Mehreen Faruqi that the government was hiding the reports from public scrutiny despite promises it would be transparent.

With the line due to close on December 26 and work to start on its removal and a new transport interchange, the government has even declined to say how much the  project or its components will cost, although it has been able to put a figure on its Sydney city light rail project.

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