Senate calls on NSW Govt to reverse Newcastle rail line decision

The Greens are claiming a win in the fight to save Newcastle’s rail line, with the Senate passing a motion to call on the state government to reverse its decision, reports ABC News Newcastle.

The rail is due to be truncated on Boxing Day, with Premier Mike Baird telling a planning inquiry that any delays to the government’s plans would cost $220,000 a week. [SOR comment: cheap when compared with half a billion dollars to destroy transport infrastructure]

“The motion that went through the Senate sends a clear message to the New South Wales Coalition Government, not to pull up the rail line going into Newcastle,” she said.

“It’s true that there is no obligation on the New South Wales Government, but there is certainly support there for the community and it amplifies that voice of concern that we need to retain our rail line into Newcastle.”

“Some people might argue that what comes out of the Senate is symbolic, but to have the Australian Senate give backing to the Newcastle community that will be so disadvantaged if we lose the heavy rail into Newcastle.

“Cities around the world are building rail services into their cities, you don’t pull them up.

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