The corridor of powers

Greg Ray is on the money with his article “the corridor of powers” (apart from the bit about liking the idea of cutting the rail at Civic).

FIRST they said they wanted to cut the rail line to connect the eastern part of the city with the harbour.

Then it was maybe Woodville Junction and then some place called Wycombe, which I think is just Wickham in disguise.

All the while,  there were people mumbling in the background saying watch the government’s hands while it shuffles the cards because this deck is stacked. They pointed out that the rail corridor was the only bit of ground in town that didn’t have coalmines under it and was destined, therefore, for buildings.

Perish the thought, cried the government. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Apparently it turned out that nobody had ever really said there wouldn’t be development and, by the way, we are at war with Eurasia and Eastasia is our friend.

And then somebody let slip that UrbanGrowth (that’s GPT’s best friend, remember?) thought it might be a good idea to build on just a teensy bit of the rail corridor, especially the bit closest to where its GPT elevator to the moon apartment buildings are meant to be.

Do you know how this story ends?

I think I do.

Read Greg Ray’s full article at the Newcastle Herald.