Bus service to run from Hamilton station after train line cut

The Newcastle Herald reports that the government has released its route map for the replacement shuttles that will run for more than two years while a new Wickham interchange is built and light rail installed. [SOR: no business case released for light rail — will it ever happen?]

A SHUTTLE bus service will run between Hamilton and Newcastle every 10 to 15 minutes under ‘‘interim’’ city transport arrangements that will be in place for at least two years while the heavy rail is truncated and light rail is installed.

…The bus shuttle will run from Boxing Day, December 26, when the heavy rail line is permanently closed at Wickham.

For an initial few days, until January 5, trains will cease at Broadmeadow to enable Hamilton station to be upgraded into a temporary interchange.

From then, according to long-awaited information the government has released, a bus will be waiting for each train at Hamilton.

The shuttle would leave Newcastle 25 minutes before a train departed Hamilton, ensuring a ‘‘hassle-free connection’’, Ms Berejiklian said. [SOR: currently only 8 minutes by rail]

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