The buses during construction


Trains from Boxing Day 2014 will terminate at Broadmeadow.

As Hamilton becomes serviceable some trains may continue to Hamilton.

Buses will pick up on the southern side of Broadmeadow station in the area where the Taxis now stand.

The taxis are to be relocated with the no position likely to be less favourable to Taxi operation and their clients.

At least one bus will meet every train.

Additional buses will be available on demand within a matter of minutes.

It is anticipated that there will be an average 23% plus loss of patronage.

The inward route. The bus will depart and travel via Broadmeadow Road to the Nineways and then turn left into Belford St (Tudor St) From Tudor St the bus will turn into Samdon St and proceed to Beaumont Street via Hudson Street where it will stop near Hamilton Station then proceed via Beaumont St and Tudor St into Hunter Street. Left turn into Railway St to Wickham Station. Return to Hunter St via Stewart Ave stopping at Civic Station then Queens Wharf over bridge then to the Newcastle Station stop in Scott Street then to Pacific Street and then to the layover. The eastbound Journey is 7.4 kms and takes about 19 minutes in very light traffic conditions. (as measured by RB)

The return route will be similar except that from the Nineways the bus will divert past the shops then under the overpass to pull up at Broadmeadow Station. It may not be possible to pick up at Wickham

There will be one bus to meet each train both for arrival and departure.

Every bus passenger will have a seat

Buses will depart (or arrive) about 10 minutes before or after train arrival or departure to allow for walk to the bus, use of toilets etc.

The buses will not carry bikes or surfboards

Buses will be DDA compliant

Large luggage may not be carried not the buses


Will it be the same bus that meets each inbound and outbound train?

What will be the arrival of the bus and departure of the train?

What will be the departure delay for the bus after the train’s arrival?

What happens if more than 40 people wish to arrive or depart by train (1 bus)?

What happens if 50 people turn up at say Civic Station to meet the outbound train?

Will the train wait for the bus delayed by traffic?

What happens to the outbound passengers from Civic or Wickham after a full bus departs Newcastle Station?

How will events be handled?


The route covers roads with weight limits including Samdon St (5 tonne) and Beaumont St (8 tonne)

People will need to catch Taxis if they have bikes or large luggage

Taxis will be located further from Broadmeadow Station. Will there be cover and covered walkways?

The journey time will be unreliable due to traffic congestion

There is no place to turn the bus in Pacific Street

How will the bus layover accommodate say 40 extra bus movements (20 in and 20 out) per hour?

Will a day tripper using the Intercity train accept a journey time increase of one hour 30mins inbound and 30 minutes outbound?


This information has been prepared by Save Our Rail from the Ministers statements and the Wickham Review of Environmental Effects.

As updated information becomes known to SOR this page will be updated

6 10 2014