Newcastle planning inquiry gets green light

The decision to terminate the Newcastle heavy rail line at Wickham will be examined by the planning inquiry committee, reports the Newcastle Herald.

A COMMITTEE set up to inquire into contentious Hunter planning decisions, including the truncation of Newcastle’s heavy rail, could potentially call former MPs Andrew Cornwell and Tim Owen as well as ministers to give evidence at public hearings.

The committee is expected to hold its first meeting within days.

As reported by the Newcastle Herald last week, it will examine the Whitebridge development plan in Lake Macquarie, Urbangrowth and GPT’s proposed tower development in the Newcastle city centre, government planning controls and the decision to terminate the rail line at Wickham and install light rail.

‘‘People across the state have been following the trail of developer money, scandal and lies that has engulfed Newcastle and the Hunter in the past months and now we can look into what really happened behind closed doors,’’ Mr Shoebridge said.

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