The Hunter deserves better say supporters : photos

The Hunter deserves better say supporters

The Hunter deserves better say supporters

AROUND 400 supporters converged on Civic Park today for the ‘Hunter Deserves Better’ Rally.  Coverage at the Newcastle Herald:

The rally was organised to draw attention to the various community groups concerned with what they feel is a lack of ‘sensible and transparent planning’ for the Hunter region by the NSW Government.

“The strength of today’s rally is that all of these groups, who have been trying to show their point of view on their own, have now amalgimated for the sake of these issues we all have in common.

“We’ve been treated pretty much like mushrooms, kept in the dark. No matter how hard we try, people wont talk to us or tell us why they’re prepared to spend half a billion dollars digging up a perfectly good railway line that other cities would kill for, ” said Blyth.

Read the full article and see photographs at the Newcastle Herald.