SOR celebrates and lifts carpet – Media release 13/06/2014

Join with Save Our Rail to celebrate 30 years of electrified rail into Newcastle Saturday 14th June at Newcastle Leagues Club at 12 noon.

The event is HIGH NOON IN JUNE – a title chosen to highlight the crisis facing the community with the threat of truncation, the battle to save the line and the heritage values of Newcastle.

This important 30th anniversary has passed with barely a mention, but it was a milestone for Newcastle which fought for 25 years to gain this advantage.

We will outline concerns re the obvious intention for DEVELOPMENT ON THE RAIL LINE LAND and the devious actions to conceal this reason for the push to remove trains.

Hear about the conflict of interest of some key identities and organisations in the campaign to remove the rail line direct to Newcastle Station.

“There are no logical reasons for closing this efficient rail line other than for benefit to someone. It is now becoming much clearer that this advantage lies in development to occur along this strip of non-undermined land,” says SOR President, Joan Dawson. “Newcastle Station is the prize and the stakes are very high.”

For further information or comment please contact:-
Joan Dawson
President Save Our Rail NSW Inc
Mobile 0408 618 198