Hoax leads to the Great Wall – Media Release 04/06/2014

Gladys began to tug at the zipper, but now Pru has let the cat out of the bag!

Minister for the Hunter Gladys Berejiklian said she “would not rule out development on the line,” but Planning Minister Pru Goward has confirmed what Save Our Rail has realised for many years, that once the trains are removed from the Newcastle Rail Line it would be developed.

There have been many fraudulent assertions fed to the public and the media, from the Newcastle Cabal, the rail-cutter brigade that no building would occur on the Newcastle rail line ever. This was stated by former Minister for Planning, Brad Hazzard and reinforced by misleading advice from Tim Owen MP for Newcastle, who even today said it was “rubbish.”

Now the original intention has emerged to public scrutiny, as outlined in the “Approved Scheme” which forms the basis upon which the Honeysuckle Development Corporation (HDC, now Hunter Development Corporation) was founded. It has been there all along.

The public has been gulled into thinking that ripping out the rail line would be beneficial to Newcastle, with pretty pictures of “green corridors” and grassy picnic spaces, children running around and cyclists trundling. One Herald (05/10/10) graphic from Steffen Lehmann (the architect imported and paid by cabal member HBC) shows ponds with water lilies.

“The huge expenditure on buying the truncation decision, involving dodgy electoral funding and the HDC Report employing every trick in the book, would not have made sense unless there was a profit to be made at the end of it” said Joan Dawson, SOR President. “Our suspicions were clarified over the real reason for such prolonged zealotry when we learned (Herald 25/11/09) from the CEO of the Mine Subsidence Board that the whole city is undermined with the exception of the rail line and a segment of Wickham. This meant that it is the most valuable development land in Newcastle and would allow higher buildings than any other sites.”

A hoax has been perpetrated on the people of The Hunter Region which is being asked to sacrifice its major efficient direct intercity transport link for a dog-leg second rate light rail option of low capability, which will cause great inconvenience to all rail passengers wanting to reach Newcastle.

Pru Goward actually said “No one would deny the beauty of the re-development of Honeysuckle.” She must be kidding!

The final insult to those who care about Newcastle, the spectre of a great wall of high rise right along the waterfront.

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