Rail corridor development not ruled out: poll [Newcastle Herald, Sat 24/05/2014]

The Newcastle Herald article includes a poll, the vast majority AGAINST the “hybrid” light rail route (Poll results: 27.8% yes vs. 72.2% NO at 5:53pm)

THE Minister for the Hunter Gladys Berejiklian has refused to rule out development along a vacated Newcastle heavy rail corridor.

As revealed on Friday in the Newcastle Herald, the government has taken a major step towards its promise to install light rail in the city, announcing its preferred route.

The hybrid route has drawn mixed reviews from  community leaders.

But suspicions that the heavy rail corridor would be used as a honey pot for developers are commonly held among light rail opponents, and the government hasn’t done much to abate them so far.

Convener of the Newcastle Transport For Business Development lobby group, Alan Squire, was similarly sceptical, saying ‘‘I don’t think we’ll ever seen light rail down Hunter Street’’.

Participate in the poll and read the full article at the Newcastle Herald.
(Vote “NO” to oppose the announced light rail route)