Government approves own plans for Wickham “carport on steroids” (a.k.a. terminus)

The Newcastle Herald reports that the state government has approved its own plans for a new transport interchange at Wickham but has promised to reconsider the design, after a barrage of criticisms of an artist’s impression image of the project.

About 280 submissions were made.

Many were critical of the idea of cutting the rail, raising concerns about slower travel times when passengers were forced to switch to buses while the light rail was built.

More than 30 submissions bagged an artist’s impression of the interchange that the government released earlier this year, with transport boffins told the ‘‘Design is insulting’’ and ‘‘ Surely the government can do better’’.

Save Our Rail notes that the Wickham terminus proposal DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY LIGHT RAIL and that the government refuses to release any cost benefit analysis on light rail.

Read the full article at the Newcastle Herald.