ICAC fallout leads to parliamentary inquiry

The Maitland Mercury reports that the people of Maitland will finally have their voices heard after a parliamentary committee to ­investigate planning decisions in Newcastle, including the rail cut, was established.

“From what the people of Maitland have told me and my colleagues is that no one wants to catch the train almost to Newcastle.”

Mr Shoebridge said the committee would call for submissions in the coming days before putting down hearing dates, including dates in the Hunter.

“I would encourage anyone who is concerned about these planning decisions to put a submission in to ensure their voice is heard,” he said.

Greens NSW MP and Transport spokesperson Mehreen Faruqi said it was a win for Maitland and described the truncating of the Newcastle rail line at Wickham and replacing it with light rail as illogical and disastrous.

“The people of the Hunter Region were never consulted on the decision to truncate the Newcastle rail line,” she said.

“This Upper House inquiry will be a mechanism for the community to get some answers and find out why and for whom the government is truncating the rail line.

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