Editorial: Politics of saying yes and no

The Newcastle Herald’s editorial (Sat 23/08/2014) asks some reasonable questions about the Wickham terminus carport. The final paragraphs state:

It is by no means unreasonable to want to know why the heavy rail is being cut before the promised light rail is even begun. Why does the new terminus concept appear so under-cooked and why isn’t it being designed as a proper transport interchange from day one?

Also, where is the business case that prompted the decision to place the light rail on Hunter Street instead of the former heavy rail corridor?

Finally, what are the financial arrangements between the government’s own development arm and the GPT group over the controversial proposal for residential towers in the Hunter Street Mall precinct?

These aren’t silly or unreasonable questions, and one imagines if similar projects were being promoted in Sydney, answers would have been available without citizens having to beg for them.

Read the full editorial at the Newcastle Herald.