Video: 4 People on that Train – Newcastle Rail Line

Video: 4 People on that Train - Newcastle Rail Line
Music video based on anti-rail statements that claim low passenger numbers on the Newcastle CBD line, a claim at odds with footage of actual CBD trains.

Video: Rally challenges mandate to cut railway

Video: Rally challenges mandate to cut railway
The Newcastle Herald provided coverage, including a video piece, of today’s rally at Newcastle Station. INSPIRED by recent revelations at the Independent Commission Against Corruption, the fight against the cutting of the heavy rail line in Newcastle returned to the streets yesterday. About 100 protesters came from across the Hunter, Sydney and even Perth, waving ...

Video: Fight continues against cutting heavy rail

Video: Fight continues against cutting heavy rail
The Save Our Rail group has found some allies, in its fight against the cutting of Newcastle’s heavy train line. A Sydney-based community group visited the city today, weighing in on the debate, along with a Perth MP. Watch the video on the NBN News website.

Video: The People Speak – Wickham Railway Station

Video: The People Speak - Wickham Railway Station
Rail users speak during the p.m. peak at Wickham Station, July 30, 2014, in light of the NSW Government plan to cut the line on December 26, 2014 and develop the city and railway corridor land. Thanks to the commuters who spoke on this issue.

Video: Our crowded hour: Civic Station

Video: Our crowded hour: Civic Station
Filmed Friday July 18, 2014, during the morning peak, 7.30-8.30 am, at Civic Station. This busy station, opposite the planned new University campus, is to be lost to commuters as Newcastle’s historic (c.1872) rail line is being cut by the NSW State Government at Wickham on December 26, 2014 to make way for the development ...

Don’t derail Newcastle (short video)

EcoTransit Sydney have produced a short video “Don’t derail Newcastle”. Direct rail access between the central business districts of two major cities is the Holy Grail of intercity rail travel. It’s what governments around the world aspire to. But NSW’s Baird Government is planning to rip up two and a half kilometres of the Newcastle ...

Video of rally at NSW Parliament house, 28 May 2014

EcoTransit Sydney have published a video record of the Save Our Rail demonstration outside NSW Parliament House on 28 May 2014. We oppose the truncation of the intercity rail line currently terminating at historic Newcastle Station in the heart of the city’s historic core.

Save Our Rail protests at NSW Parliament [NBN TV, Wed 28 May 2014]

The Save Our Rail group has again ventured to state parliament, to protest against cutting the heavy rail line at Wickham. But Newcastle MP Tim Owen says the deal is done. Click here to watch the news clip on the NBN TV website.

Level Crossing Myths Busted: Video of Worth Place event

The “no new level crossing policy” myth has been busted! Part 1 Part 2 (19 mins total)

Busy Newcastle Station – New Year’s Eve 2009

No one catches the train to Newcastle? Save Our Rail begs to differ! HDC’s proposed buses — whether Hunter Street buses, “magical” buses, “blue shuttle” buses, super-mega-hyper-low emission flying buses — could never cope with the peak loads generated by special events. Note that the Hunter Street buses were also running this evening. Watch at ...

Woonona: A New Level Crossing In Action

Safe, convenient, and not that expensive. Woonona (near Wollongong) has new pedestrian access across its railway line thanks to a new level crossing opened in early 2009. Save Our Rail would like a few of these for Newcastle’s CBD. Why remove Newcastle’s railway when you can improve? We say “improve, not remove”. Take a look ...

San Diego: Railway Level Crossings Connect City & Harbour

Don’t believe everything you read in the paper. San Diego is an example of the success that comes from keeping the rail, not removing it! San Diego does indeed have a vibrant waterfront with a convention centre, marina park, and luxury hotel, but did you know it has a rail corridor along its waterfront (much ...